InfinityX Tech Invitational Remote Competition 2022-23

The "InfinityX Tech Invitational Remote Competition, 2022-23" is a cutting-edge virtual robotics competition that helps students explore creativity skills. Students will develop STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and practice engineering principles. STEM education fosters critical thinking, improves science literacy, and trains the students for innovation. No prior experience is required to achieve the aim of bringing STEM skills to all learners.

This competition aims to establish a strong foundation for teams to get prepared for the upcoming seasons. This competition is open FOR ALL FTC TEAMS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD.

We're sure that the highly competitive, tech-focused, international, off-season FIRST® Tech Challenge Competition will help us establish the motive of STEM.

How to participate
  • Register the teams:
  • FTC Problem statement - Game Animation : This season problem statement for FIRST® Tech Challenge
  • Read and Comprehend FTC Manual 1 and 2. FIRST®, core values have to be understood by all the teams.
  • Conceptualize and Design: FTC Robot using sketches, drawings, or any CAD software or Drawing Tools.
  • Submit Robot Concepts and Outreach: and answer questions on robot building Submit Between 1st - 5th March 2022.

All entries must be submitted via an online portal that is easily accessible.

The Objective of Invitational Event
  • All the information about FTC will raise the awareness of students which will help them to progress gradually.
  • Comprehending and Understanding the FTC Program
  • To enhance creativity and design thinking capabilities for Robotics
  • Assisting teams in understanding FIRST®, Core Values
Awards and Closing Ceremony

The awards and closing ceremony celebrate the Teams and their accomplishments throughout the Competition and the volunteers who helped make the Competition possible. The awards and closing ceremony will be done by video conference or pre-recorded broadcast. Anyone interested in participating in competitions from anywhere in the world can quickly sign up.

Team Registration Now open :-

For the first time ever, we are having the InfinityX Tech Invitational 2022-23.

Inviting the International FIRST® Tech Challenge Teams to participate in the FIRST® Tech Challenge Invitational Championship.

Team registration are now open for a highly competitive, tech focused, international, off-season FIRST® Tech Challenge Championship.

Registration will close on February 28th 2022.

Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Team Registration Link